Equipment Warehouse Manager

Job ID#: 21-0610
Department: Equipment Warehouse
Job Type: Staff
Job Status: Full-time
Date Posted: 06/10/2021
Desired fill date: Open until filled
Reports to: Director of Field Operations
Supervision required: No

Job Summary

 The Equipment Warehouse Manager oversees the daily operations of servicing, issuing and maintaining equipment used for a diverse array of programming at Prescott College. The range of equipment spans from rock climbing, rafting, skiing, mountaineering, sea kayaking and various camping equipment. In collaboration with the Director of Field Operations, the equipment manager develops an annual budget to meet curricular objectives and follow a sustainable turn over retirement schedule for all equipment.  The manager will also mentor and supervise student employees each semester who support the manager as warehouse technicians. This position maintains primary responsibility for the daily operations of the warehouse and its functions. As a service to students and employees, the Warehouse Manager's role is integral in supporting the success of academic programming across the college

Essential Responsibilities

  • Works in collaboration with the director of field operations to track, maintain, repair, replace, purchase, and eventually dispose or retire equipment and supplies and prepare an annual budget to facilitate the purchase of new equipment.
  • Tracks equipment usage, tests equipment, and replenishes supplies as needed.
  • Researches products and determines most appropriate purchases to meet the varying needs across all of Prescott Colleges programs while staying within budgetary restrictions.
  • Maintains a comprehensive, detailed inventory of age/condition of all equipment to determine cycling of inventory based on issues including wear, tear, lost, broken and safety.
  • Inspects and coordinates proper cleaning repair and restocking of all equipment.
  • Trains faculty and students on proper use of equipment during check outs.
  • Oversees faculty and students on proper cleaning of equipment at check ins.
  • Inspects equipment during check in to maintain safety and timely repairs.
  • Trains, Mentors and Supervises Student Employees
  • Works closely with the director of field operations to update policies and procedures related to equipment use and the issuing of certain equipment.
  • Maintains a clean and safe warehouse, while collaborating with the Facilities Department when necessary.

Education and Experience

The Ideal candidate:

  • Possesses an in-depth knowledge of equipment used in various outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing, white water rafting, skiing, kayaking, mountaineering, and backpacking through extensive personal experience.
  • Has a high level of enthusiasm for outdoor equipment and is knowledgeable about current gear trends in the field, best equipment, and conducts product research on a regular basis.
  • Finds joy in organization and has an eye for detail
  • Is technically minded and experienced in a breadth of maintenance techniques and equipment upkeep, including raft patching, ski binding repair/maintenance, ski base repair, and sea kayak maintenance.
  • Has a natural ability to thrive in a customer service role, creatively attends to the needs of various populations and works collaboratively as part of a team.
  • Has worked in the outdoor industry previously with trip logistics, equipment rentals, or warehouse operations.
  • Is self-directed, motivated, takes initiative, and has an eye for efficiency.